Summer Update: Lummi Nation Visits in Gilroy, Tribal Youth Organizing Continues

On June 5th, the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band hosted a blessing ceremony in Gilroy for the Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers on their cross-country "Red Road to DC" tour with a totem pole that will ultimately be delivered to the White House. The theme of the totem pole journey is the protection of Indigenous peoples sacred places.

About 100 tribal members and members of the public attended the blessing ceremony. All were invited by the Lummi carvers to lay hands on the totem pole to imbue it with their prayers, their grief and their hopes. Prayers and traditional songs were offered, and speakers highlighted efforts to protect Juristac and other related sacred sites across the country. The Red Road to DC journey will be making stops at other sacred places including Standing Rock (ND), Bears Ears (UT) and the Black Hills (SD).

After the great success of the 2020 Youth Walk for Juristac, the Amah Mutsun youth committee has continued to organize cultural activities for young tribal members and field trips to culturally significant places. The youth group has also taken on public speaking engagements at a number of events, representing their tribal community. You can directly support youth organizing by donating to the Amah Mutsun Youth Cultural Connection Fund.