Petition to Santa Clara County:
Protect Amah Mutsun Sacred Grounds from Proposed Quarry

Protect Juristac

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Dear County of Santa Clara Officials,

We respectfully urge you to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project. The land threatened by the quarry, known as Juristac in the Mutsun languge, is of immense cultural, historical, environmental and spiritual importance to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Juristac is not an appropriate location for a sand and gravel quarry under any circumstances.

We call on you to uphold the the indigenous rights of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to maintain and protect their religious and cultural sites as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Preserving Juristac is a necessary and significant step in addressing the historical and continuing dispossession and destruction of the indigenous peoples of Santa Clara County.

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Latest Signatures
10,662 Susi A. MONTEREY, CA Sacred land needs to be preserved, not destroyed by commercial interests. Mar 06, 2021
10,661 Nada M. Santa cruz, Ca Mar 06, 2021
10,660 Kati N. Albany, CA Mar 06, 2021
10,659 Ranjeet T. Cupertino, CA Mar 05, 2021
10,658 Catherine T. San Jose, CA Mar 04, 2021
10,657 Irwing L. Santa cruz, Ca Mar 04, 2021
10,656 Elimelise V. Santa Cruz, Ca Mar 04, 2021
10,655 Arlene V. Santa Cruz, CA Mar 04, 2021
10,654 Miao S. Santa Cruz, CA Mar 04, 2021
10,653 Kerstin B. Santa Cruz, CA Mar 04, 2021
10,652 Maritza A. Sunnyvale, CA Mar 03, 2021
10,651 Armando O. Fresno, Ca Mar 02, 2021
10,650 Jesmane S. Albany, CA With fracking being banned, an Arctic freeze reahing Mexico and rising coastlines due to Arcitc ice melt--to contribute to extractive industries is tone deaf to the regular destruction of Earth brought on by human contribution to climate change/global warming. We indigenous people have been stewarding the land for over 14,000 years. No violation of green spaces and Native Nation sovereignty. Mar 01, 2021
10,649 Riley S. San Juan Bautista, CA Mar 01, 2021
10,648 Emma H. Santa Clara, CA Mar 01, 2021
10,647 Phoebe P. San Mateo, CA Feb 28, 2021
10,646 Cathy B. San Carlos, CA Feb 28, 2021
10,645 Irene P. San Jose, CA Feb 28, 2021
10,644 Katherine S. San Jose, CA Feb 28, 2021
10,643 Veronica R. McCall , ID Feb 28, 2021
10,642 Sophia C. Cupertino, CA Feb 27, 2021
10,641 Kassidy Y. San Jose, CA Feb 27, 2021
10,640 Olivia T. Cupertino, CA Feb 27, 2021
10,639 Taralynn K. Cupertino, CA Feb 27, 2021
10,638 Dominic W. Cupertino, CA Feb 27, 2021