Petition to Santa Clara County:
Protect Amah Mutsun Sacred Grounds from Proposed Quarry

Protect Juristac

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Dear County of Santa Clara Officials,

We respectfully urge you to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project. The land threatened by the quarry, known as Juristac in the Mutsun languge, is of immense cultural, historical, environmental and spiritual importance to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Juristac is not an appropriate location for a sand and gravel quarry under any circumstances.

We call on you to uphold the the indigenous rights of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to maintain and protect their religious and cultural sites as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Preserving Juristac is a necessary and significant step in addressing the historical and continuing dispossession and destruction of the indigenous peoples of Santa Clara County.

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Latest Signatures
20,197 Elizabeth P. Santa cruz, Ca Jun 08, 2024
20,196 Adderley D. Santa Cruz, CA Jun 07, 2024
20,195 Jessica D. Soquel, CA Jun 06, 2024
20,194 cole b. davenport, ca Jun 05, 2024
20,193 Reed Y. Santa Cruz, CA Jun 03, 2024
20,192 Dana A. Morgan Hill, CA Jun 01, 2024
20,191 Michelle M. Gilroy, Ca Jun 01, 2024
20,190 Adam D. Huntsville, Alabama My great great great grandmother was Josefina Sotomayor. She is Amah Mutsun Ohlone as am I. So much has been stolen from our people and from the planet. We must protect our sacred ancestral lands. May 29, 2024
20,189 A Dhamar R. Brooklyn, AZ May 27, 2024
20,188 William G. Commerce City, CO May 26, 2024
20,187 Anthony B. Seattle, WA May 26, 2024
20,186 Lux T. Medford, MA May 26, 2024
20,185 Peggy T. Ventura, CA May 26, 2024
20,184 Rafael K. Redwood City, CA May 22, 2024
20,183 Michelle C. Palo Alto, CA May 22, 2024
20,182 Sathvika C. Santa Cruz, CA I do not support the mine project taking over juristac! I stand with solidarity with the Amah Mutsun. May 19, 2024
20,181 William V. Santa Cruz, CA May 18, 2024
20,180 Chloe S. Santa Cruz, CA May 18, 2024
20,179 Isaiah G. Hydesville, Ca May 17, 2024
20,178 George M. Santa Cruz, CA May 15, 2024
20,177 Amber P. Westminster, CA May 14, 2024
20,176 Sean S. Santa Cruz, CA May 14, 2024
20,175 Tia C. Santa Cruz, CA May 13, 2024
20,174 Eric G. Fairfax, California May 09, 2024
20,173 Amritha R. San Jose, California May 08, 2024