Petition to Santa Clara County:
Protect Amah Mutsun Sacred Grounds from Proposed Quarry

Protect Juristac

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Dear County of Santa Clara Officials,

We respectfully urge you to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project. The land threatened by the quarry, known as Juristac in the Mutsun languge, is of immense cultural, historical, environmental and spiritual importance to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Juristac is not an appropriate location for a sand and gravel quarry under any circumstances.

We call on you to uphold the the indigenous rights of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to maintain and protect their religious and cultural sites as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Preserving Juristac is a necessary and significant step in addressing the historical and continuing dispossession and destruction of the indigenous peoples of Santa Clara County.

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Latest Signatures
10,132 Nancy F. Menlo Park, CA Dec 03, 2020
10,131 Dana B. San Jose, CA Protecting the Juristac sacred land is one way we can finally begin and model the process of reparations for harm done to Indigenous cultures. Dec 02, 2020
10,130 Nancy C. Boulder, Colorado I formerly lived in Santa Clara County and know the pressure that open space is under in that ever urbanizing area. I call on you to turn down the quarry application at Juristac to engage in one bold decision to protect the right of the land and the native people who have called this land their home for thousands of years. Thank you. Dec 02, 2020
10,129 Amber S. Ben Lomond, California Dec 02, 2020
10,128 Jean C. Longmont, CO Dec 02, 2020
10,127 Maritte O. Oakland, CA As someone born and raised in the Bay Area, I hope Santa Clara sees the value of respecting Amah Mutsun's continued access to their sacred sites and ancestral lands. Dec 01, 2020
10,126 Sarah N. Santa Clara, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,125 Tal F. Mountain View, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,124 Nora H. Campbell, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,123 Diane S. San Jose, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,122 Nora L. SAN JOSE, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,121 Liz S. San Jose, California Dec 01, 2020
10,120 Amanda C. Piedmont, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,119 Evelyn C. Castro Valley, CA I hope that if enough of us raise our voices about the need to protect important tribal land and all that it means to theAmah Mutsun Tribal Band Dec 01, 2020
10,118 Rebecca W. Oakland, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,117 Shara G. Santa Cruz , CA Dec 01, 2020
10,116 Julia S. Berkeley, CA Dec 01, 2020
10,115 Laurie M. Hayward , Ca Dec 01, 2020
10,114 Chiara A. San Jose , CA As a third generation resident of this area, I urge you with all my heart to take these considerations into account. We are guests on this land, and it is thus our responsibility to stay in right relation to those whose home it is rightfully. I stand with my indigenous neighbors and wish you to see that their health and wellbeing (both physically and spiritually) is not separate from us. Dec 01, 2020
10,113 catherine P. Milpitas, ca Nov 30, 2020
10,112 Anh C. San Jose, CA Let's uphold indigenous rights and protect this land Nov 30, 2020
10,111 Miles B. Burlingame, CA Nov 30, 2020
10,110 Hannah P. Berkeley, CA Protect this land! Nov 30, 2020
10,109 Anne-Lise F. Berkeley, CA Nov 30, 2020
10,108 eileen s. Woodacre, CA Nov 30, 2020