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New! Amah Mutsun Youth Walk for Juristac MINI-LESSONS

Welcome, teachers. This page contains resources and activities for students regarding Juristac, Amah Mutsun history, and related subjects. There are two sets of materials available.

Below you will find six lesson plans in PDF format that are tailored to a high school learning level. Although these materials were developed with high school standards in mind, they can easily be adapted for use in many different grade levels and instructional settings.

There are also seven “mini lessons” designed for use by upper elementary-aged students. These PowerPoint-based lessons provide engaging activities and can serve as an introduction to the issues surrounding Juristac for readers of any learning level.

We invite and encourage your feedback and stories of classroom experiences while teaching with these materials. Please contact us by email at curriculum [at]

Juristac curriculum: Activities and study guides

The following activities and exercises are aligned with the English Language Arts (ELA) and History/Social Studies Common Core State Standards. In these activities, you will find opportunities to engage your students in meaningful research into local history, reflective discussion, critical thinking, and persuasive writing. We have prepared a Standards Alignment Guide (PDF, 3 pages) that provides a detailed list of standards aligned with the activities and a chart outlining which standards are covered by each assignment.

Amah Mutsun Youth Walk for Juristac MINI-LESSON Slideshows

Learn more about the Amah Mutsun and Juristac through these seven engaging multi-media slideshow-based lessons that follow the route of the Youth Walk for Juristac.

Additional resources for educators

This list will be expanded periodically. Email us if you are looking for resources around a particular topic related to Juristac or the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band that you are not finding here.

Selected videos

Wildlife corridors / landscape linkages

Amah Mutsun and Ohlone

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