Amah Mutsun 2020 Youth Walk for Juristac

The youth committee of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band has organized the 2020 Amah Mutsun Youth Walk for Juristac, set to take place on Saturday October 24. Youth tribal members will walk five miles from San Juan Bautista to the eastern edge of Juristac— our tribe’s most sacred site that is threatened by a proposed sand and gravel mine.

Although the walk is not open to the public due to COVID-19 precautions, we invite you to show your support from afar!

How to support:

⬥  Donate to the Amah Mutsun Youth Cultural Connection Fund, just launched by the Amah Mutsun youth committee!

⬥  Create your own sign with a message of solidarity that includes “Protect Juristac”! On October 24th, post a picture of yourself with your sign on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #walkforjuristac and #protectjuristac

Check out the Youth Walk for Juristac mini-lessons!

⬥  Follow along with the walk using the 2020 Youth Walk for Juristac MINI-LESSONS! These seven engaging multi-media slideshow-based lessons were created for an upper elementary school learning level, however they contain great info and photos that will be of interest to all ages. We encourage teachers, parents, and caretakers of children to make use of this learning tool.

⬥  Help us speak up for protecting our sacred land from a proposed mining project: Send an email to Santa Clara County Supervisor candidates Otto Lee ( and to Kansen Chu ( and ask them to help ensure that Juristac is protected. If elected, they will ultimately be voting on whether to approve or deny the proposed Sargent Quarry mining project.

⬥  Share the petition to protect Juristac and ask organizations or businesses you know to share it on their social media accounts.

⬥  Follow @protectjuristac on Instagram and Facebook for live video/photo updates on Saturday, October 24 and share posts on your own feed.

⬥  Reach out to youth-led organizations or clubs and ask them to share about our walk and our tribe’s struggle to protect Juristac from a proposed sand and gravel mining project.

Walk poster

You can also download the poster PDF for printing.