Petition to Santa Clara County:
Protect Amah Mutsun Sacred Grounds from Proposed Quarry

Protect Juristac

13,345 signatures = 89% of goal

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Dear County of Santa Clara Officials,

We respectfully urge you to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project. The land threatened by the quarry, known as Juristac in the Mutsun languge, is of immense cultural, historical, environmental and spiritual importance to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Juristac is not an appropriate location for a sand and gravel quarry under any circumstances.

We call on you to uphold the the indigenous rights of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to maintain and protect their religious and cultural sites as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Preserving Juristac is a necessary and significant step in addressing the historical and continuing dispossession and destruction of the indigenous peoples of Santa Clara County.

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Latest Signatures
13,345 Riley C. Snohomish, WA Jan 22, 2022
13,344 Paula R. Saratoga, CA Jan 21, 2022
13,343 Jessica M. Santa Cruz, California Jan 21, 2022
13,342 Michaela S. Los Altos, CA Jan 20, 2022
13,341 Marsha C. Portola Valley, CA Jan 20, 2022
13,340 Abram C. Santa Cruz, CA For too long, the Bay Area, California, and the United States has profited from the foundational violence and dispossession of indigenous lives and lands. The Amah Mutsun's efforts to halt the proposed quarrying of their ancestral lands represents one simple, yet necessary effort at restoration and redress that cannot be ethically or reasonably ignored for the sake of corporate profit. Jan 19, 2022
13,339 Ariadne R. Los Angeles, CA Jan 19, 2022
13,338 Heidi L. Sunnyvale, CA Jan 18, 2022
13,337 Sebastian M. San Jose, CA Jan 17, 2022
13,336 Sweta M. Santa Cruz, CA Jan 16, 2022
13,335 Brenda H. San Jose, CALIFORNIA Jan 15, 2022
13,334 Alvince O. San jose, Ca I say no to any change Jan 15, 2022
13,333 Westley H. San Jose, California Jan 15, 2022
13,332 Don H. San Jose, CA Jan 15, 2022
13,331 Caiti C. El Cerrito, CA Jan 15, 2022
13,330 Jacqueline D. Los Angeles, CA Jan 14, 2022
13,329 Jazmin V. Santa Clara, Ca Jan 14, 2022
13,328 Karissa R. Santa Cruz, CA Jan 14, 2022
13,327 Miguel S. Los Angeles , CA Jan 14, 2022
13,326 Jennifer R. Redwood City, CA Jan 12, 2022
13,325 jason m. poway, Ca Jan 12, 2022
13,324 Marie M. PLEASANTON, CA Jan 11, 2022
13,323 Julia H. San Jose, CA Jan 11, 2022
13,322 Kelly A. Edmonton , AB Jan 07, 2022
13,321 Miles R. EDH, California Jan 07, 2022